In order to respond to the need for rapid and specialized resolution of the conflicts that sport has to contend with, UFEC considers it convenient and necessary to promote the creation of an Arbitral Tribunal specific to sport in Catalonia, an agreement that was approved by the General Assembly of the entity of April 22nd 2016.

As a means to guarantee the legal and operational independence of the Court, UFEC has agreed to collaborate with the Catalan Legal Counsel, the Catalan School of Economists and the Official School of Graduates in Physical Education and Physical Activity Sciences and of sport in the Refereeing Association and Sports Meditation of Catalonia. For this reason, the Association Assembly has approved the present regulations by which Court of Catalan Sport Arbitration (TAEC) is created; a sports arbitration jurisdiction that guarantees agents of the sector the resolution of their disputes within a framework of absolute impartiality and speed, both in law and equity, guaranteeing specialists in the sector, subject to prior concurrence of wills and in compliance with a duly regulated procedure.

The present Regulation defines the structure and makeup of TEAC, with the guarantee of impartiality in its resolutions maintained as the main objective. The structure of the institution responds to a hierarchical configuration in which the management is entrusted to a Chamber of Government of the Court with a representative composition of the main agents of the sector.


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