Since 2014, as president of the UFEC, I have been leading more than 30 projects for the defense and improvement of Catalan sport and the entire sports sector. I have promoted programs for the employment inclusion of young people at risk of social exclusion through sports activity or for certification for the ethical and responsible management of sports entities. In 2022, we have led the first International Women’s Sports Congress, we have recovered the Catalan Sports Fair and we have also consolidated the presence of federated sports in the world with Esport+, the new OTT of Catalan sports.

Fira de l’Esport Català 2023

I Festa de l’Esport Femení

2nd International Women in Sport Congress

II Lliga Catalana d’eSports

III Setmana Catalana de l’Esport

‘L’esport treu la llengua’ campaign

Women Executive Sports Education

Catalan Sports Exhibition

II Setmana Catalana de l’Esport

Fira de l’Esport Català 2022

International Women in Sport Congress

EsportPlus.TV, the OTT of Catalan sport

Women Executive Sports Education

ILP New Sports Law

Gyms chain: Urban sports

Refugee Project

Sports Code



Regulatory Compliance

Commitment to transparency

International expansion

Remodelling of venues

Renewal of corporate image and websites

Reform of the law of the exercise of sports professions

Improvement of facilities

Sports Congress

Club attendance Office

Catalan Sports System

Catalonia Competes

The Olympic Committee of Catalonia

We are professionals

The UFEC Foundation